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Kelsey Letendre

Kristine come out and taught a couple classes to a group of 14/15 year old ringette girls and it was amazing!! Her knowledge and love for yoga allows her to teach all levels of yoga from beginners to advanced! I would highly recommend this amazing lady to anyone wanting to add yoga to their life or people already doing yoga to try someone different!!

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Brittany Danielson

Kristine ensures that her classes are a welcoming and inclusive space to practice/learn yoga. She offers adjustments and modifications to suit the needs and skill of those attending her classes, and is always happy to answer any questions.

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Darcy Supernault

Kristine offers helpful instruction and challenging yoga inspiration! Great to be part of the community and a lovely person to know!!!

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Stacey Schabel

I had never taken a yoga class before Kristine began teaching me, and she made me feel comfortable as a beginner. She is great at ensuring that her students are learning yoga properly and safely in a judgement-free environment. I already feel stronger and more confident in my ability and look forward to continuing my learning with Kristine.

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Michelle Mcrorie

First ever yoga class under my belt and I can say I’ve never hurt so good! It was so relaxing but definitely made me realize how NOT flexible I am. And that there are muscles I haven’t used since high school cheer... I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be even more tender. But so glad I did it 🙂 Thank you Kristine O'Hara for developing Balanced Soul Yoga . Looking forward to next week!

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