Your hips are the stabilizing structure of your skeletal system. 

When they are out of alignment, or "tight" as many people like to say, you may experience different forms of discomfort in your body such as: back pain, hip discomfort due to the inability to move fluidly, knee problems, hamstring tightness, gluteal discomfort and generalized pain in your body

This discomfort could lead to difficulty sleeping, improper walking alignment, thus leading to pressure being placed on areas of your body it should not be, inability to sit or stand for periods of time, which could cause a real problem for those of us who work at a desk or are on our feet for many hours a day. 

Opening up your hips and releasing the tension that has built up will likely cause a positive effect in the rest of your body. This class will emphasize the safe movement of your hip joints thus "loosening" up the muscle creating a more fluid movement. 

The poses will vary and modifications will be included so all levels of yogi's can attend.