Private yoga classes allow all levels of yogi's to further develop and deepen their yoga practice while getting the entire attention of the teacher. 

Each sequence will be designed specifically for the students needs and desires related to their practice therefore you will always receive the exact class you want each time. 

Emphasis will be placed on refining postures to ensure they are being performed safely all the while advancing your practice. 

10 students maximum for a private class unless previously arranged with teacher prior to class.  


                                60 MINUTES: $100       

                                90 MINUTES: $145

[Base price for 5 people ($20/person).  If you wish to have additional people join your private yoga session it will be an additional $10/person. The more people you have the less you have to pay].

When you book a private session with me it will be tailored to you, or your group, and the needs that you wish to touch on. We will discuss beforehand what you wish to accomplish, then I come up with a plan to help you achieve that. If you have a group of friends who would like to learn yoga but are a little intimidated about coming to a public class then this is the best option for you! 

*If you wish to have more than 8 people or would like to practice at the Lymburn community hall an additional fee of $30 hour will be required*


There are so many benefits to practicing yoga individually such as stress management and increasing energy levels, which is why it has become increasingly popular among corporate offices and businesses alike.

Many businesses are bringing yoga into the workplace, before the day starts or at the lunch hour, to provide their employees with a means for releasing some stress and incorporate exercise into their daily routine

Studies have shown that yoga helps to relieve aches and pains that you get from sitting at a desk all day. Yoga stretches the muscles and increases flexibility thus reducing that pain 

Stress is a huge factor in the workplace these days as one person tends to do the job of 2 or 3. This causes burnout and need for time off. Yoga can help with this as it helps to reduce stress levels and allows our parasympathetic nervous system come into effect thus allowing our body to rest and digest.

This ability to move the body and release some of the stress building up could have a extremely positive impact on workplace productivity and satisfaction which is why it is becoming increasingly popular. 


If you are looking for ways to increase the productivity and decrease the number of sick calls in your office than this might the right thing for you. 

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*For corporate rates please contact Kristine O'Hara below*  

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