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Why Private Yoga is Right For You!

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Private yoga is an individualized yoga class that is specifically designed for your body and your goals. It allows the student to the ability to focus on their own personal goals, or concerns, and reach those goals in a much timelier fashion. Instead of having to follow along with a more broad group class, that focuses on the mass majority of students, you get one-on-one time with the instructor to work on exactly what you want, whether that be increasing flexibility, building strength, healing an injury or simply creating a class that fits your goals and your abilities perfectly at that time! 

This type of class is also great for beginner yogi's who want to learn the foundations of yoga before joining a more rigorous group class. This provides that student with the knowledge of how to properly position in the posture rather than trying to rush through the pose in a group class setting. 

Each private yoga class will be hosted via zoom, and you will be able to book the time that works best for you. 

When you book a private session with me it will be tailored to you and the needs that you wish to focus on. We will discuss beforehand what you wish to accomplish via a free, one-hour,  consultation zoom meeting that is included in your first private session booking, then I come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

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Price Range: 

$70-1 hr

*when purchased in packages of 10 or 20 sessions a discount of 20% will be applied*

*It is recommended to purchase a minimums of a 10 class package to help achieve your goals.

*If a different package is required please contact Kristine to arrange*


1-3 classes a week is recommend to help you reach your goals, whether that be increasing strength, building flexibility, or decreasing pain and working on recovering from an injury

This may mean you come once a week or 5 times a week, whatever you decide.

Once You have determined the number of sessions you wish to have then payments can be in full or broken down into a payment plan*

*Complementary 60 minute consultation provided, prior to first class, to ensure students goals are understood & to make a plan going forward*

Benefits of Private Yoga:

  • learn the basics in a safe, judgement free environment

  • build confidence in own practice

  • reduce stress

  • work on areas of concern such as injury, pain, increasing flexibility, building strength, or working on something specific such as arm balances or inversions

  • set specific goals with your yoga teacher & reach those goals much faster than in a group setting

  • practice around your schedule, rather than having to follow the schedule of a studio

  • work only to your own limitations. Never feel the need to push yourself further than your body is ready

Vinyasa Yoga

If you are looking to book a private session for a function, such as a stagette or birthday, you absolutely can do so at the standard rate.

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To schedule your private yoga sessions, once your consultation has been completed, please click on the link below



If you are looking to schedule more than one private yoga session, it is recommended that you purchase a multiple session pass, rather than pay for each class individually. Not only will this make scheduling easier, but you will also receive a reduced rate of 20%

Ex. 10 classes at $70= $700

     20% off= $560 (Thats is a savings of $140, which is essentially 2 free sessions!!!) 


Once purchased, you will have the autonomy to book your private yoga sessions at a time & date that works best for you 

*Payment plans can be arranged. If needed please contact Kristine here

10 Session Pass

$560 CAD

Utilize this 10-session pass to schedule your Private Yoga class at a date and time that works for you

Receive 2 free sessions with 20% discount

*One time payment*


20 Session Pass

$1120 CAD

Utilize this 20-session pass to schedule your Private Yoga class at a date and time that works for you

Receive 4 free sessions with 20% discount

*One time payment*

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